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`Search for light and freedom
Do not get pulled down by the mud of this world`
(Vincent Van Gogh)

During my childhood painting was one of my favourite hobbies. However, circumstances took my life a totally different direction then: after finishing the Comprehension School in Engineering in town Esztergom I went to study to the Teacher Training College in Eger and eventually graduated as a teacher in Mathematics and Technical Studies.
My career as a teacher began at Petőfi Sándor Elementary School, Kisbér and carried on at the Primary School in Nagyigmánd where I still teach today.
After bringing up three children I decided to become a qualified Arts teacher. During my studies I learnt that my date of birth 30 March 1953 was the date of the 100th anniversary of Vincent Van Gogh’s birth. As a tribute to the genius on the 150th anniversary of his birth I painted a series of 22 oil paintings entitled `Irises and poppies`. A couple of years later as an undergraduate in Media Studies and Film, in my diploma work I did some research on the impact of Vincent Van Gogh`s art on film.
It is more than ten years since I developed an interest in video recording. As a result I made an experimental film entitled `Sonata` in 2002.
On the 10th anniversary of my first painting exhibition `Trees, flowers and clouds` showed in my home village Nagyimgand I displayed my latest works on local themes in an exhibition entitled `I am grown from this land ` to the local people, to everyone who loves this little piece of the world` with flames around`. 
In 2012 July I received my MA degree in visual culture at Eszerházy Károly College, Eger, Hungary.


Bukta Józsefné Fikner Piroska
Nagyigmánd, 2013. 07. 26.
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